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You should have a 3 way splitter here. Put the modem on the 3.5db leg of the splitter, and the TVs on the 7db legs.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • yea they do three !!! but the customer can have the contracter put a tap on the line with a 18" jumper to a threeway or fourway !! that way the hsd is always on a direct line from the drop !!!

    2011-05-31 11:27:19

  • most cable companies allow for three drops in the price. so if you are not exceeding that you are legal.

    2011-01-31 15:21:04

  • HAHA - "is this legal"... you're funny.

    2011-01-02 13:23:58

  • is this legal

    2009-06-02 10:16:34

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