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This one is easy:

A two way at the top, one leg going to the cable modem, and the other going to an 8 way. Cable modems do NOT like 8 way splitters, so try and keep it away.

You will most likely need an amplifier in order to have decent TV service (or you can just have some of your unused outlets turned off).

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Install the amplifier before the cable splitter, If you are using interactive services, such as on-demand, look for a bi-directional amplifier. If you have cable internet service place the modem on a 2-way splitter before the 8-way

    2009-05-14 11:47:18 (urbroadband See Profile)

  • Where would you place the amplifier? Before the in on the 8 way or for each TV.

    2007-12-26 15:42:35 (thxmike See Profile)

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