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If you live in a mobile home, then you are in a GREAT position. Mobile homes are very easy to rewire when it comes to CATV.

If you have any problems with cabling at all, just drill a hole into your floor, and run a new wire under the trailer to the ground block. You will usually find a splitter under the home near a corner.

Loop systems are rare in mobile homes, and even then, they are usually so small that it doesn't matter. If you have a loop system with more than 3 outlets, go put on some jeans and crawl under there. It won't take you more than an hour or so.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • do not position the splitter to be in constant contact with the earth and or moisture.

    2011-07-24 03:22:50 (sd cox sub See Profile)

  • A lay-up stick is real handy for this.

    2009-10-31 02:39:19

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