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If you're not in a huge house, but are still having upstream power problems, here are a few suggestions from Jer Dog

Ask your service provider to run a separate drop for the cable modem.
Not all cable companies will run more than one drop to your house though. (The company I work for only allows one drop per address, which means that the only reason why there'd be more than one drop to a house is if the house is actually split in two and rented out as separate addresses.)

Run a new RG-11 Drop and/or cable line.
Another excellent suggestion. RG11 is an even thicker cable than RG6, and has much less signal loss. If your drop is over 150 feet, then it's a really good idea to have RG11 running to your house.

Although I personally have never seen any outlets run with RG11 cable, this could be done if you had access to it. If your cable company makes a habit out of using RG11 inside the home, then good for you, but if not, I doubt you could get a technician to do it. RG11 is much harder to work with, weighs a LOT, and is very unflexible.

Please note that to properly crimp an F11 fitting on, you need special strippers and a special crimper, AND a special fitting. I haven't seen any stores which carry any of this stuff.

Use a DC instead of a splitter.
This is a GREAT suggestion. DCs are really a different type of splitter, which when used correctly, can really help in loop systems or in other problematic situations.

I will have be adding a section on DCs shortly.

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  • hi i am kenny here i have the steam connection problem.. can u help mi to check the problem please.... thanks.... when i turn on my PC getting to Steam... but it can"t... so please do a check for mi & email ---- ACC:

    2009-05-20 21:46:08 (thamjiada See Profile)

  • you should add a section in here about upload/ download speeds. The number one complaint that I get about our HSI system is speed, but it's allmost allways due to a crappy router. I run through a speed test at for all of my customers, and often times a conection will clock 5-6 mbs through a router and 20+ pluged directly into the modem.

    2009-04-10 21:20:25

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