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Each splitter is different, but here is what most of them mean:

The numbers on each OUT leg of the splitter show how much signal is lost after passing through that leg.

For example, a 2 way splitter has 3.5 on each leg. That means that 3.5db was lost as the signal passed through that leg.

Note: The signal loss written on splitters is how much is lost at around 50 to 100Mhz. The higher a frequency is, the more is lost over distance. This applies to splitters too. In reality, a cable modem is probably losing more like 4 to 5db when passing through this same splitter.

The following info provided by RadioDoc:
On the back of a splitter, you may see a number like 130db EMI etched into it. That's the ingress/egress suppression (shielding) spec for the splitter, e.g. if a +10 dBmv signal is present inside at the input, the maximum leakage from the splitter itself would be 10-130=-120 dBmv, which is very low. Same the other way...

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