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A CATV amplifier is used to boost an existing GOOD signal so that it can travel further.

You can find these at Radio Shack (get a good quality one), and Circuit City has begun selling them too (at a high price).

The best place to put these is at the junction, BEFORE the first splitter. Putting an amplifier behind your TV or before your cable modem will NOT help at all, because at that point the signal is already bad and weak. You will just end up amplifying a BAD SIGNAL.

There are several varieties of Amps, but you'll probably be okay with a one port. These usually have a gain of 12 to 15db. Make sure you get a 900MHz (or better) amp. These will run you from $30 to $120.

Two port amps usually have a gain of 9 to 13 db.
Four port amps usually have a gain of 6 to 10 db.

NOTE: Amplifiers are to boost EXISTING GOOD SIGNAL in order to increase the distance that it will travel. Do NOT use an Amp to fix a noisy or bad signal; You'll just end up amplifying a bad signal.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • would the amplifier work with the DTV digital to analog converter / set top box. I installed the set top box today,some stations have weak signal strength. The picture is small with large black borders. The color on two stations are yellow. What is your recommendation. Thank You from Delaware.

    2009-01-01 21:43:25

  • Do you know what impact a 4 port passive return amplifier will have on the return level? increase decrease or stay the same and by how much.

    2008-01-21 19:05:36

  • i'm in miami,FL currently w/ comcast cable broadband i bought my own modem sb5120 motorola eliminated the rental fee on the one they gave me

    2007-12-12 10:36:52 (wanting 2no See Profile)

  • all this info helped me a lot.......i'm going out 2 go buy one now.i'll fill you in w/ the results!

    2007-12-12 10:34:33 (wanting 2no See Profile)

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