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Any of these stated below...

3Com CMX2940, 3CR29220, 3CR29221, 3CR29223
Arris/Nortel CM100, CM200, CM200U
BestData CMX100, CMX110
COM21 DP1010, DP101, DP111, DP1110, Doxport 1110
D-Link DCM-100 and 200
Ericsson PipeRider HM200C
High Speed Surfing SM100
Linksys BEFCMU10
Motorola (formerly General Instruments) SB2100, SB3100, SB4100
Thomson/RCA DCM105, DCM205, DCM215, DCM225, DCM226, DCM235, DCM235R, DCM245, DCM245R
Toshiba DAZ8801, DAZ8811, DAZ8813, PCX1100, PCX1100U
Zoom 5011 (external model only)

Note: According to ATT, any DOCSIS compliant modem should work.

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  • What about as of today's date & technology? The services AT&T provide are certainly different. Thanks :)

    2014-11-09 14:05:16 (hamman See Profile)

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