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When the agent is visible on your monitor, you will have several areas of information and many options that are associated with the program.

AHUD - Head Up Display
This toggles the display at the top of the screen
This toggles the display of your stats, at the bottom
This toggles the Message box. You will want to remove it to see the revolving work behind it
DThis area is where you will see your progress as conformers are finished and added and any Top Conformers that have recently been analyzed. Click on a Conformer in the list to view it. If this area is empty, make sure that your client is not suspended and check back in a few minutes.
EZoom controls and joystick
These allow you to control the display of the revolving molecule above. Adjust them to your liking and have fun with them.
FDetails and Name
These controls toggle the detail in your molecule display and naming of the individual atoms. Reducing the size of the display will allow more CPU for your task.
This control will pause the client
Causes the client to resume processing
This button will open a window where you can make changes to the way your client starts, your network connections, and obtain an update to the program

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