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•Our own Team Discovery stats are posted every night in an excellent effort by one of our members, dersgniw here: http://disco.mine.nu/. The statistics are updated each day at 3:30 AM, Eastern time.

•You can also view your statistics in the Members area of the TSC site, here.

•Team statistics on the TSC site are here.

•For viewing/interpreting the statistics, this additional information has been provided by Ken Weilbacher of TSC:

To clear up the 'Coverage' statistics some, all of our candidates are assigned multiple times to different nodes and we take an average of all of the docking times.

The 'Coverage' statistics break down like this:

'0 Runs' - these are candidates that have not been released yet or have been released but have not been run by a client node yet.

'1 Runs' - these are candidates that have been run one time by a client node.

'2 Runs' - same as above but run twice.

'3 Runs' - these have been assigned 3 or more times.

The 'Top Drug Candidates' page shows you the rank and name of the top candidates returned; the date, time and node which sent them in; and also the docking energy and average docking time returned from this node and a thumbnail picture of the structure of the candidate.

We run validation routines on all results and some of those candidates returned with extremely low docking energies that would place them in first will not be recognized if these results were corrupted in some way that gave them this low docking energy.

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  • the hyperlink under "here" (d2ol.childhooddiseases.org) in the line: "•Team statistics on the TSC site are here." does not appear to be functioning on 20110902/1522.

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