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This really can depend on your system and the type of splitter that you are using.

Here in Gainesville, we use terminators for three reasons:

1.) To prevent ingress from entering the system through an open port at the tap.
2.) To prevent signal reflections (which really isn't too big of a problem).
3.) To prevent cable theft.

Honestly, I doubt it would make much difference to have a terminator on a splitter in the home. If you want to do it anyway, you may be able to pick up a pack or something from Radio Shack.

You cannot use the ones that cable companies use, because they require a special tool to install/remove them (prevent cable theft).

Please see the definition for terminators for pictures of them.

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  • There is also a problem with egress or CLI which every cable system is told by the FCC to monitor closely because almost every time there is a leak there is a bandwidth conflict with. For example, if you have the right stuff leaking at a high enough strength it can take out over the air communications (like FIRE and POLICE)

    2007-09-22 02:59:18

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