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That's a filter.

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  • we use step attenuators to control the upstream level , for example if your modem is at a 40 db upstream, we would add a 6 to 9 db attenuator to to bring that modem to a 46 or 49 . some filters are used for mitigation on noise and will only let 5 through 13 mhz to pass. (only put on tv legs NOT internet legs as it will block the upstream)

    2011-07-26 22:56:47

  • Yes, there are little round plastic fittings that go around the terminator. and you need a special tool to get up inside them to release the terminator by removing the plastic fitting/terminator at the same time. Now...if you need to open it and the cable co. won't care...just get a small pliers or something with a strong cutting tip to cut that "anti theft" part off. And the you will need a terminator tool (you can buy them everywhere) Ur just grab onto it with a LARGE pliers and give it a little crush. This will make the terminator spin (not so freely) and you can screw it off.

    2010-11-04 03:37:55

  • i have a weird cyliner thing on my splitter, but it looks more like a lock to prevent me from unscrewing the cable formthe splitter. this would prevent me from moving my connection.

    2010-02-12 11:35:53

  • what does the filter do ? do i need the filter to have a clear tv picture ?

    2008-03-20 06:15:00 (slckusr See Profile)

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