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Not really. My first step when doing a digital cable install is to see how the TV channels look, and see if there is any ingress.

Just FYI, digital cable will look the same no matter how good or bad a signal you get. When you are watching a digital channel, it is almost as if you were downloading a movie from the internet and watching it on your TV. Even if the signal level is really low, if the digital box and recieve it and decode it, it will still look good on your TV.

Digital Cable does not generally require that the line be as conditioned as a cable modem line. You still want the signal to be good (between -8 and +12), and you do not want an excess amount of ingress or your digital cable box will not get an IP address.

If a cable modem will run on the line with no problems, so will digital cable.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • All signals coming in are NOT analog. Analog signals appear as a sine wave whereas digital signals are a square wave. (High or low, no in between). All of the signals coming in are RF, but RF can be analog or digital, depending on the application.

    2014-11-10 09:19:24

  • The thing about digital vs. analog loss: analog signals will get progressively worse on a slope as they lose signal - you will get a worse & worse picture as falloff increases. With digital, the impact is not noticeable at first, because the signal is carrying instructions for the digital set top, as opposed to actual video. So, it can tolerate loss up to a point - and when you reach that point, the failure is abrupt. That's why, when you lose signal in a digital set, the entire picture cuts in and out. In a nutshell, either you get a picture, or you don't. There's very little in-between.

    2013-08-23 03:41:23

  • All Signals coming in from a cable are analog. The digital boxes can take the various frquencies and rebuild a digital signal. You loose signal by limiting the strength of the frequencies getting through so that a digital code cannot be rebuilt.

    2012-02-17 20:24:41

  • Yes, but what is the difference between analog and digital? Aren't all the signals in broadband analog?

    2011-03-12 05:51:10

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