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Some software installs, for example Enternet, can make MSIE lose knowledge that you are connected full time to the Internet.
  • Solution 1 .. Try Repair:
    Go to control panel, add/remove programs, find explorer 5.5, highlight that and click REPAIR. After the reboot, it should be fixed.

  • Solution 2 .. Quit any PPPoE service (Enternet Access Manager/WINPoet) etc first.
    Look in the registry
    Using regedit, find the folder:
    And check that these two *String* keys are set to auto:
    Create them if necessary!

One of our visitors added this bit of information which might be of help to others:

I recently had this problem when using a Windows 2000 machine with IE6 and a DSL connection. I had recently added VPN support which shows up in the Settings -> Network and Dial-up Connections area of the Start Menu. The VPN connection settings were under Incoming Computer Connections. I had tried all of the LoadLCE/Load ... =Auto options and I had even repaired a registry key that Windows 2000/IE6 corrupts from a DWord to a Binary setting ( see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315315 ). None of these "fixes" corrected my problem until I deleted the Incoming Computer Connection under the Network and Dial-up Connections menu. Once this VPN connection option was deleted, the Work Offline/Try Again box has not re-appeared.

Another added this:

You can also try selecting the "Never dial a connection" radio button instead of deleting the VPN/Dialup connection.

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