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This Section
In addition to the posting rules for this site, the following is provided:

    IT IS NOT A CHAT FORUM to discuss how good the product is, or how well it performs, we have other forums here at DSLR for you to do that.

    •There will be absolutely NO thread crapping. If someone posts a Hot Deal for a Canon scanner, thou shalt not chime in with HP is better.

    •Please DO NOT vote up a thread. Threads in this forum are not archive worthy, as they are useless once the deal is over. However, feel free to use the thumbs up to show approval for a particular poster.

    •If you have a question about obtaining the item, or are having problems finding the deal, by all means post a question. But leave the chit chat, I'm running down to the store to get one right now and the "me too's" out of it.

    •As for products you purchased as a direct result of a post you read here, if you received a rebate, or have a question on a rebate, START A NEW THREAD, with a link to the original, instead of bumping up the old thread. Also, make sure you put [OT] in front of the topic title so everyone knows that your post isn't a "hot deal".

    •There are many other forums on DSLR that are for the technical discussion of computers and related equipment. Those forums should be utilized to make an informed decision regarding a purchase. The Hot Deals Forum is NOT the forum for such discussions.

    •Posts that do not fall under the posting guidelines of this forum are at risk of being deleted at the discretion of the forum hosts.

    •The decision to lock a thread is not treated lightly by moderators and the reasoning is NOT OPEN FOR DISCUSSION, it's usually pretty obvious if you've read the forum guidelines

    •No referral code's embedded in links. Referrals raise questions about the reason for a post, and offer a personal gain off other's purchase.

    •When possible please make sure to include all relevant data in the subject line such as price, rebate information, etc. Here's an example:
    Refurb Henway $19.95 @ Compusa A/R S/F

    •Please do not use TinyURL, or any other type of forwarding URL service that hides the original URL.

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