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If you feel that someone within SBC's domain is spamming you, you can report it to their policy department at 877-655-4410.

After investigating the problem and identifying the culprit, they claim that they will shut down the offending account immediately. They state that they take all legitimate claims seriously.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Some weeks ago, I reported Account Verification people under SBC.Global etc., hounding me about to close my account, asking for info such as DOB which I refuse to give. Since I reported these to you, their email to me has increased and there's more threatening emails in my box. Can you or I do something to eradicate this nuisance? BF

    2011-11-07 13:12:32

  • I have received 2 emails from SBC Southwestern Bell, telling me in 2 days my account will be lost if I do not reply giving them my username, password, Date of Birth and Country. I called the above number several times during the day and no one answers. I know several others that are swbell.net users and they have NOT received this email, so I am not about to reply. I guess if this is real they will just have to take my account, because they should have my password and why do they need my Date of Birth???????????

    2011-09-26 15:40:03

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