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Bps - Bits Per Second.

Central Office - The Telco facility where your local telephone circuit leads to. Contains Switches and Trunks as well as the local telephone circuits.

DTE - Data Terminal Equipment--When using serial communications such RS-232, V.35, or X.21, the DTE is the device sending/receiving from a modem or CSU/DSU. In contrast to DCE.

Kbps - KiloBits Per Second. Measure of digital channel capacity.

Pairgain - The term "pairgain" is used for any piece of equipment that will allows multiple voice channels to leave the CO as T1. It then terminates on a piece of equipment out in the field that will take that T1 signal and use the 24, 64 kbps DS0 channels for voice applications.

POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service. Regular old-fashioned analog loop start phone service.

Repeaters, Boosters or Amplifiers - Used to "boost" (amplify) the signal when your distance from the central office exceeds 20 miles (33 kilometers).

RJ-11 - Short for Registered Jack-11, a four- or six-wire connector used primarily to connect telephone equipment in the United States.

Splitter - "Splits" the jack plug two or more ways to allow more than one device to be connected in any one jack.

Telco - Telephone Company. Your local telephone service provider.

Trouble ticket - A telco "work order" used to track Customer Repairs within the Telco. If you call someone "inside" the telco's repair department they will need this number to proceed. It will also be needed whenever you call to check on the status of a repair.

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