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The Macintosh computing platform accesses the internet through the same protocols that the Windows computing platform does. This means that theoretically, any type of internet service Windows computers can use, the Macintosh can as well.

Two things to watch out for: One is the hardware. The DSL modems require your computer to have an ethernet card installed, and some computers don't have them already. If yours doesn't have one already, many providers will give you one to install. You'll have to make sure that it is Macintosh compatible (most are). The second is the software. Most providers will have the software to get you connected, but you'll have to ask them for it specifically, or else they'll probably assume you're on a Windows machine.

See /faq/allthingsmac for more.

edit: User tigirius says "All macs from the original iMac of 1998 until now are equiped with a DSL compatible 10/100 Port".

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