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What causes Sync errors? (#3764)
A: Overheating modem or bad modem.
Incorrectly installed microfilters.
Bad house wiring.
Interference from 900mhz phones.
Interference from fluorescent, halogen or street lights.
Copper pairs that degrade after a few weeks of DSL signal strength.
Connections are being worked on at your CO.
Messy building telco board in basement full of garbage and water.

You've been set at a speed that is way too high for your connection profile
Lines on the outside can only take so much and then it starts to overheat or get hot. When this happens, you will notice that your line loses synch every so often.

Sometimes if your TELCO is trying to save a few bucks and too many people are on, they will break your connection and it will STOP responding to you. (you will notice this when your connection starts to become sluggish after a few hours or packet loss is encountered).

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