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Cox does offer up to 2 additional IPs to make it possible to have 3 total. This option can be added to the account by the HSD phone tech reps (tier1). After the IPs are added the modem must be power cycled (power disconnected for approximately 45sec-1min and then plugged back in) for the modem to obtain the setting change (new config file) that allows it to pull multiple IPs from the DHCP server. Once this is done the IP lease should be renewed on each machine to verify it can now obtain a public address.

Cox will not support the network directly or the hardware associated with it (hub/switch etc). To troubleshoot problems that arise with this the modem must be attached directly to all PCs individually. Troubleshooting of the LAN hardware itself is generally left up to the manufacturer of said hardware.

The cost is typically a $9.95 one-time setup fee and $6.95 per month per IP. This price may vary slightly from market to market but can be used as a general guide when determining the best multi-pc solution for your individual situation.

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