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Originally submitted by Tommy G:
I see quite a few post just about weekly where people cannot keep IE (Internet Explorer)Maximized or have it open Maximized or having any "Open New Window" to open Maximized so I thought I would post this "How To" for everyone...

If your IE is not corrupted, this should work but you must follow all of the steps that I am listing...If you don't follow all of the steps or do them in the order I am listing them, then it will not work for you..I hope this is helpful for those of you who have asked about it..
      •Open IE making sure it is Not already maximized.•Using your mouse, stretch the window to maximize size making sure before you do this that the window is not already in the maximized position..You need to do this when it is the regular size (restore) window size.•After you stretch the window to the maximize size, close IE.•Now open IE and click on the Maximize button.•Now close IE again.
If you follow the steps exactly, the next time you open IE your windows should open maximized and also, all of your "Open New Window" windows should also open maximized (or to exactly how far you stretched it in Step 2)

And always remember to close the main window Last or you'll have to do it all over again.

And for those of you who always Right Click to open a new window, you can also open a new window by holding down the Shift Key while you Left Click on the link..

And to make your window go full screen just press F11 and F11 again to go back to normal.

Added - 12/03

An alternative to the instructions above is a little freeware program that is repeatedly mentioned for this problem - IE Maximizer.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Thanks alot this really worked. It was really anoying until you helped.However it did take me several tries because I was trying this with a shortcut that I saved to my desk top(including this page that I saved to my desk top). You must actually use the IE program for this to work. Thanks again.

    2013-03-01 15:14:31

  • Tommy G. Right on brother. Your instructions were simple and effective. It worked for me, thanks.

    2013-02-10 12:57:27

  • I had the same problem and tried all the fixes listed on numerous posts none of them worked until.....Move your mouse to the taskbar, right click, there are three choices: cascade windows, show windows stacked and show windows side by side. If any of these are turned on you'll see turn off (which ever one is on) click the turn off then do the steps to open maximized.

    2012-11-19 10:16:13

  • IE 9 fixed this problem for me.

    2011-07-22 22:23:52

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