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This is a list of little things that are very hard to find, yet cause really huge unexplainable problems:

1.) One tiny strand of shielding gets wrapped around the stinger by Raydr:
This one causes nightmares for digital cable and cable modems. Remember, the shielding is supposed to keep stray signal from leaking into the cable. HOWEVER, if one little strand gets wrapped around the stinger, you've just created a huge "noise antenna" that projects all of that noise onto the cable line. If you look at your connectors and see this, don't try and fix it. Just cut the connector off and put a new one on.

2.) CALAN Sweep Transmitters by Engineer88:
Acterna (Calan) low-level sweep transmitters will cause downstream errors if the guardbands aren't set properly. This will cause packet loss to many customers on any plant fed by the sweep. Some modems are more sensitive to this than others.

Sweep must be at least 14 dB below video levels and guardbands must be at least 3.2 MHz wide to avoid interference.

3.) by zedsdead: Here's one i see a lot, the plastic insulation in around the center pin is not completely stripped off when stripping the cable (caused by dull blades), causing significant signal reduction.
Editor's Note: I see this a bit too! It's annoying, but pull that little bit of dielectric off. It can really hurt stuff!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • You should add VHF splitters in this also, I've ran into allot of old houses with copper braided RG-59 and supper old VHF splitters that cut out half the channels from my plant. Often times just changing out the splitter with out rewiring the outlets will work ok and let all the QAM channels through enough for no noticible video errors. Most of the time though you'll find those spliters in an attic hidden under the insulation, and if the cable was stapled to the studs in the wall there is really no way for me to replace it since I don't have a see snake and don't get payed for wall fishing anyway.

    2009-04-10 20:53:47

  • 4.) Cable tech's who's answer to every problem in your house is to put an amp there. Most of the time its like putting a bandaid on a 4 inch deep gash. If you aren't going to change old fittings, splitters, defective wires, then you might as well find a new profession. Don't let them put amps on your system unless theres no other choice.

    2008-12-06 04:08:38

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