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There's been a lot of talk on this forum about capping, both the old ways and the new. This should help those who have questions about capping.

1) If you are a new customer and are seeing speeds in the 120-150/128 ranges then you can be certain that you fall under the 192/128 plan that will gradually increase your download speed up to the best that can be achieved by your line.

Two notes to read:

A)There's no way any person can adjust your line-speed. It's all done automatically, in fact there's no option available to make such changes without going through your ISP and sending a trouble ticket, and that won't do any good as it will be processed as good because of your package. Now, you can raise a loud voice and demand, but don't be shocked if there's no change without waiting the time limits on the regular upgrade to the line specifics.

B)If you were signed up on this package WITHOUT knowing about it then you'll need to contact your ISP and complain very loudly, my advice only!

2)If you're seeing speeds that you think are low then visit this link and run the Tweak Test to make sure your computer is optimized for a broadband connection. If you still need help then visit this link and click on the above *here* to follow and answer the questions needed to get your DSL line up to par.


2)If you're still seeing speeds below what you think you should be having then I recommend you visit the Tweak forum at this here. Answer the 11 questions and we'll be glad to get you up to speed.

Yes, the above will lead you to the same place eventually. This just makes sure you have followed the steps to make sure your line is optimized to it's best possible outcome depending on your line conditions.

3)If you're an existing customer and have already tweaked for a broadband connection and still sees dramatic decreases in your download speed then by all means, IM one of the techs here on this board who can look into this problem. I won't list them here, but an IM to Flippant or one of the other regular posters will set you in the right direction.

My advice is to go through the FAQ above in this forum. Make sure your line has been totally set-up for DSL( if you need help then ask, in a separate thread), then re-run all that I've listed above

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