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1) Install DW software as outlined and insure that it works on the Host machine.
2) Install Internet Connection Sharing as outlined in other FAQs and insure that the DW software sees it and modifies your TCP/IP settings automatically. Ignore the part about creating a client disk as it is irrelevant for Mac OS X.
3) plug your host PC into a switch or hub (switch is preferred because of dedicated bandwidth) using cat-5 cabling into an available port (NOT THE UPLINK PORT)
4) plug your client Macintosh into a switch or hub into an available port (NOT THE UPLINK PORT)
5) Create a new NETWORK LOCATION using the "Location-->Network Settings" apple menu item. Name it something..e.g. "EarthStation Router"
6) Insure that "show:" displays "Built-in Ethernet"
7) Click the TCP/IP tab
8) Make the following adjustments:
Configure: "Using DHCP"
IP Address: leave it alone
Subnet Mask: leave it alone
Router: leave it alone (it should say
when we are done)
DHCP Client ID: leave it alone
Domain Name Servers: ""
Search Domains: "direcpc.com" or "direcway.com"
For the other tabs: PPPoE, AppleTalk leave alone
If you want to use the direcpc proxy server,
configure this in Proxies: click Web Proxy (HTTP)
set to port 85 (or Port 83, either should work)(make sure you still have
option turned on on the host or pages won't load!)

9) Click "APPLY NOW" at the bottom. all is done. no restart needed

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