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Cox does not have an official speedtest site. Some systems may have a home grown solution in place, but nothing exists for the global audience.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Actually Cox has recently implimented an "official" speed test site for each of their markets. It can be accessed through "interent tools" on the Cox website. Note that this requires log in via your Cox username and password.

    2011-11-30 12:13:07

  • Spoke with a cox support tech and they provided an Arizona Cox hosted speedtest site: http://azspeedtest.cox.com/ It's interesting to run and compare to speedtest.net since all the traffic is kept local and doesn't have to go through any peering points. Fowler dslreports@hotzona.com

    2010-04-27 12:48:30

  • Cox customers in the state of Arizona have a dedicated speedtest site: http://azspeedtest.cox.com/

    2010-04-04 16:22:57 (haggishelper See Profile)

  • http://test.lvcm.com/ Cox tech support provided the above site. The speedtest is for inside Cox's network, so you can compare those results with dslreports.com to determine if the congestion is local or on the other side of their gateway routers.

    2009-04-21 14:58:56

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