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Yes there is and it is useful if you need to reformat your system but do not want to have to reactivate. The file is named wpa.dbl and is located in the System32 folder. The exact location of the file is X:\WINDOWS\system32\wpa.dbl where X: is the drive where you installed Windows XP. To restore the activation code, simply place the wpa.dbl file in the same location that you saved it from - This must be done in safe mode. To access safe mode, press F8 while your PC is booting and the choice to start in safe mode will be given. Additional information, if necessary, can be found here or by requesting help in the Microsoft Help forum.

It has been reported that this may not work in some situations.

Note - this will not work to pirate copies of Windows XP and only works when the system configuration falls within the same parameters of the previous Activation Code.

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last modified: 2003-07-14 13:52:24