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how-to block ads

In most cases, this is not really spam; this means that someone, somewhere has a mass-mailer virus.

Many viruses will send e-mails out with fake From: addresses, so it is hard to know just who is infected. The person almost never realizes that they are infected with a virus. Usually if you are getting it, it means you are in their address book.

If you can figure out who it is really from, let them know they are infected - but don't be rude about it, they are probably just clueless. They aren't sending you viruses on purpose to be mean! You might try sending them a link to a page about the virus and how to clean it up.

The exception to this rule is if you really pissed someone off and they decided to send you a bunch of viruses. But that isn't too common.

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last modified: 2002-05-20 23:16:00