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United Devices evaluates each system that processes Work Units using the UD Agent. This evaluation takes place the first time you download the Agent and your first Work Unit and your system is re-evaluated whenever you return and receive a new Work Unit. An faq from UD can be found here.

The ratings evaluate your computer in four different areas which are then combined into an overall rating. Currently the ideal system UD uses to compare your computer to is a 1.5 gHz Pentium IV; 384 MB RAM, 80 GB hard disk and a T-1 internet connection.

The "Short Version":
The value of the overall rating is calculated by the following formula.

Processor*0.4 + Memory*0.25 + Storage*0.05 + Network*0.3

CPU type and Speed.

Your CPU is evaluated by a benchmark that runs every time your computer restarts. This means that the processor speed is no longer based on the speed in MHz your processor runs at but rather its actual performance. For example a 1 GHz CPU could out perform the 1.5 GHz Pentium 4. A faster CPU can get a rating up to 200%.

Random Access Memory (RAM) installed.

Your RAM is evaluated to determine the size of the RAM installed. It is then compared to 384 MB. Your rating is determined by dividing the amount of RAM installed in your computer by 384. (and multiplying it by 100 and using the integer of that result.) People that have servers or machines with 1 GB or more of memory have reported that their machines are not accurately rated.

Hard disk space.

UD has set 5 GB Hard Disk space available to them as the basis for rating hard disks. Divide how much you allocate in MyDevice profiles by 5 GB, multiply by 100 and take the integer. There is a catch on this one. If you allocate 5 GB you will get credit for 4.87 GB. Remember 1K = 1,024 bytes. By increasing the amount of disk space you allow UD to use up to 10 GB you will increase your percentage to ~200% if you have that much room available.
Network Rating

The Agent determines what type network adapter is in your machine and what type of connection to the internet that you use. The network rating changes based on the quality or throughput of the last connection with UD. Unfortunately, you will be penalized for anything that slows up the process between you and UD. Just because you have a fast connection doesn't mean that the complete path between you and the UD servers will operate at top speed. If the UD servers are having a problem and everyone is trying to upload results at the same time, then most likely the network score may suffer for the next work unit.

Thanks to mrspec3 for help with this entry.

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last modified: 2004-02-10 16:59:15