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See Brano See Profile write up: »How to setup FTP server behind LinkSys ?

See Brano See Profile detailed setup of vsftpd: »HOW TO: vsftpd, linux and linksys router
said by viajerodevid:

... you do not need to forward ports 65000 - 65534. vsftpd.conf let's you specify pasv_min_port=0 and pasv_max_port=0 which tells vsftpd to use any available ports. Also, pasv_address can be set to either the WAN IP of the router or the LAN IP of the router. I'm not sure what the difference is, and I might have noticed a slight speed increase in vsftpd response time when using the WAN IP, but I'm not about to test this.

These links have the info needed to set up a fully-functional FTP server behind a LinkSys router.

WARNING: FTP is NOT router-friendly! It's very common for FTP to work for some but not others and it's not easy to tell if the client or server end is causing the problems.
For details see: REFERENCE: FTP Modes and Ports

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