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This technique has been reported by many users to enhance the "snappiness" of browsing with these high latency connections.

It seems that Satellite Return Systems (SRS) get more of a benefit than Dial Return Systems (DRS) from this tweak, because of the greater latency with SRS.

Try reducing your browser's cache to 1mb size.

In IE, go to Tools -> Internet Options. Under "Temporary Internet Files" press the "settings" button. Under "Temporary Internet Files Folder" change the number in the box to 1. Press OK, then OK again.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Well... that was as major screw up I kept getting page errors... right away and message telling me clear my cache every 5 page or so. Not a bright idea!

    2010-02-10 04:52:53

  • I am using windows vista,on wildblue.Ican only go down to 8 without a warning message.Is there a cure for this?

    2009-02-22 10:36:09

  • I tried to change the disk space to 1mb but it defaults back to 8mb, how can i make it stay on 1MB

    2009-01-06 21:27:32

  • I have windows XP Pro....when I try to change the number to 1, it tells me that the number has to be between 8 & 1024??

    2008-06-05 22:13:34 (mcwillij See Profile)

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