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There are a few neat little extra's hidden within every version of mIRC scripted or not, so this does apply to a great deal of clients like Invision as well.

That innocent little about mIRC button (the one that looks like a yellow dot with a question mark over it) can offer plenty of laughs.

Extra #1... Just right click the about mIRC button to read the hidden greeting from Khaled Mardam-Bey, the author of mIRC.

Extra #2... Hold the shift button and left click the about mIRC button and the yellow dot should turn to a smile face

Extra #3... Left click the about mIRC button and open the about mIRC box. Right click the text in that box and you should see a bouncing dot if you look at it correctly.

Extra #4... Left click on Kahled's nose and make sure you have the volume on your speakers up to hear the squeak.

Extra #5... Now with the window still open type A R N I E and the picture will turn to a stuffed animal.

Extra #6... Left click the mIRC logo in the about mIRC window and it will change to the old style mIRC icon of years ago.

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