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There are several kinds of Trojans and each does a different thing. Always look for strange behaviors in your computer. It's a good idea to be proactive. Every once in a while, look at all the programs that are running in the background and look for strange or unfamiliar program names. It is also helpful to always look for listening ports on your machine. You can do this by typing Netstat -an in a command prompt (DOS) session. Look for ports that are marked "listening" and compare those port numbers with several Suspected Trojan port lists available on the Internet or seek help from other DSLR members in identifying the purpose of those ports.

Having anti-trojan software is a great help, too. You'll be able to find free and paid anti-trojan programs on the Internet; all of them will do the job in one way or another. Of course, you should always be looking for strange programs in your firewall that are asking permission to get out of your computer. If you don't know the program, always say no and seek further help from our members in the Security Forum before allowing the program to get out.

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