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  • How can I make my own splitter?
Ok, for all you guys and gals out there who don't have the cash, or the time to buy, mount, and wire your own splitter, or neither have the supplies to do so, here's your thread! First off you need some supplies, but the list is pretty basic:

1-CAT3 (preferred)outdoor certified telephone wire long enough to reach to your dedicated jack

1-(optional) Telephone jack for the line to run to, you can always just run the line directly to the modem or other device, but it's up to you.


2-Low-Pass regular filters that come in the self-installation packs.

1-screwdriver (flat or phillips)

1 staple gun, or stapler.

1.Ok, you start by locating your MPOE (remember that you must have rights to the box, apartments and other land-lorded places might not approve of this) open the MPOE with your flat-head, or phillips screwdriver. Locate the line which has DSL service on it, and remove the plug from the test jack.

2.Using your Y-splitter, plug it into the test jack where your line was.

3.Now, plug the two filters piggy-backed into one of the jacks (2 is optional, 1 might work fine) plug the line that was in the test jack originally into the end of the filter.

4.If not using a jack, run the line from your modem along your house, and staple to the siding (make sure you have permission to do so) once your reach the MPOE with your line, run the line into the bottom (or wherever the lines go into the box) and plug it into the other-side of the Y-splitter with NO filters on it.

5.Close the MPOE and make sure that it closes all the way with it looking like it did when you opened it. And your finished!

Please make sure that any city ordinances, or other building laws do not apply. Make sure that the wiring if running along the house, it Outdoor certified. Please don't hold me responsible for anything that may happen to your telephone service while in the process of installation, as the risks are as great of installing any telephone equipment, including a Siecor Splitter. Have fun!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Never ever filter the dsl connection.quickest way to do this is leave the dsl cord alone and just filter the telehphone line. Which in this image appears to be the second cord.

    2009-06-29 16:27:23

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