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Yes it is. Review the instructions from the Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

HOW TO: Change the Windows Logon Screen Saver in Windows XP (Q314493)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • To avoid compatibility issues with your third party screensaver you may have to set the monitor to "Never" turn off under power options.

    2012-09-10 13:44:48 (dolphins See Profile)

  • I found that when running a third party screensaver, the default Windows Logon Screensaver will run for a few minutes when logged out of Windows before the third party screensaver will activate. In other instances the 3rd party screensaver will only work when logged into Windows. If this happens it is because the third party .scr exe has been placed in C:\Program Files folder by default. In order to make the third party screensaver activate instead of Windows default. You must copy a shortcut of the third party .scr exe to C:\Windows\System32 folder. For 64 bit OS I believe you must copy to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder? To do this in XP navigate to, C:\Program Files\ProgramName\ProgramName.scr Then copy (Not Move) "ProgramName.scr" to System32 folder. (This puts a shortcut of the screensaver exe in the System32 folder) Then click, Start, Run and type "regedit" without quotation marks and click, OK. Then navigate to, HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop In the right pane, double-click, SCRNSAVE.EXE and change the "Value data:" to "ProgramName.scr" without quotation marks (No need to type the full path name) Reboot for changes to take effect.

    2012-08-28 13:21:26 (dolphins See Profile)

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last modified: 2003-12-15 22:28:23