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To set up your mac to use a DHCP server (a Linksys router) on your Mac using:

In OS 9.x or less:

Open your Control Panels folder then open the TCP/IP Control Panel

Set up the window as such
Connect Via: Ethernet
Configure: Using DHCP Server
DCHP Client ID :{any name will do}
IPAddress:will be supplied by server
Subnet Mask: will be supplied by server
Router Address: will be supplied by server
Name server Address: will be supplied by server

Close and Save.

In OS X or greater:

Open System Preferences.
Click on the Network Icon.
If all text in the window is shaded click on the small lock in the lower left hand corner and enter your username and password/phrase.
Use drop bar for "Show : Built-in Ethernet".
Click on TCP/IP tab.
Use drop bar for "Configure: Using DHCP".

Quit System Preferences.

To set up the Linksys router:
Open Internet Explorer or Netscape
Enter address of
Enter your Username and Password (ed.note: usually 'User and Admin' on a new linky.)
Click the DHCP tab
Click the 'Enable' radio button
Enter a starting IP address, (100 is good)
Enter the maximum number of users on your network.
Click 'Apply'.

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