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This screen is at the bottom of your display, and can be toggled on and off using the "Stats" button

1) The total number of Candidates your Agent has processed.
2) The number of Candidates your Agent has available to process. The Agent keeps a queue so Candidates can be processed even when your computer is not connected to the Internet.
3) The time when processing began on the current Candidate. If the time is "Pending" a task is not currently running. It may take several minutes to begin processing a task when the Agent starts. The time will also be "Pending" if you chose to suspend tasks.
4) The time when Conformer results from completed tasks were last uploaded to Sengent. If the time is "Pending" please run your Agent until a task is completed.

This is the HUD image when you've selected a completed Conformer on the left side of your screen. The HUD can also be toggled with a button at the bottom of the Agent.

1) The name of the selected Conformer.
2) The total generations calculated by the genetic algorithm.
3) The total energy evaluations.
4) Additional statistics about the final configuration of the Conformer.
5) The final docked energy. Lower scores tend to indicate better matches, including negative numbers.

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