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(+bot) ** 1 pack ** 2 of 2 slots open, Record: 914.9KB/s
(+bot) ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 0.0KB/s, Record: 436.2KB/s
(+bot) ** To request a file type: "/msg bot xdcc send #x" **
(+bot) #1 48x [315M] FilenameGoesHERE
(+bot) ** Brought To You By oWn3d's IRC FAQ ; **
(+bot) Total Offered: 314.7 MB Total Transferred: 20.52 GB

Here is a basic description of each part of this message:
1 Pack = Bot is offering one pack (downloadable file)
2 of 2 slots open = There are 2 download slots open out of 2 total.
Record: 914.9KB/s = The record speed of the bot (in kB/s)
#1 48x = Packet #1 has been downloaded 48 times.
[315M] = Filesize for packet #1 is 315MB.
FilenameGoesHERE = Name of file
Brought to you by... = Basic 'courtesy of' line.
Total Offered: 314.7MB = Total size of all packets.
Total Transferred: 20.52GB = How much has been transfered.

Now let's say that you want to download "FilenamegoesHERE". Pretty much, all you have to do is look at the "to request a file type:" line. All you have to do with this bot is type in the following line:
/msg bot xdcc send #1

The bot will reply with a message like this, and your file will send:
-bot- *** Sending You Pack #1 Which Is 314MB. (Resume Supported)

Be sure to accept the download and you should be good to go. Enjoy!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • when trying the above with this /msg Doki|Nanoha xdcc send #1799 it does not work.

    2012-07-29 02:23:58

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