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Akron:                  news.akr.sbcglobal.net 
Appleton: news.app.sbcglobal.net
Champaign: news.cha.sbcglobal.net
Chicago: news.chi.sbcglobal.net
Cleveland: news.cle.sbcglobal.net
Columbus: news.col.sbcglobal.net
Dayton: news.day.sbcglobal.net
Detroit: news.det.sbcglobal.net
Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo: news.kal.sbcglobal.net
Indianapolis: news.ind.sbcglobal.net
Lansing: news.lan.sbcglobal.net
Madison: news.mad.sbcglobal.net
Milwaukee: news.mil.sbcglobal.net
Peoria: news.peo.sbcglobal.net
Rockford: news.roc.sbcglobal.net
Saginaw: news.sgn.sbcglobal.net
Springfield: news.spf.sbcglobal.net
Toledo: news.tol.sbcglobal.net
Youngstown: news.ynt.sbcglobal.net

Important note: These servers require authentication, so you will have to enter your username into your news reader (yournamehere@ameritech.net or @sbcglobal.net) and enable authentication by username and password to gain access. qsg1049 See Profile reports that both primary and secondary usernames now work, and can have 3-4 simultaneous connections to the server.

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