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•The first thing you want to do is make an Emergency Repair Disk (will be referred to as ERD here on).

•Creating an ERD is a simple process, you can follow these steps.

•Make a backup copy of the windows\repair directory. Drag it with the right mouse button to a backup folder, and choose "Copy Here." Then rename the copied directory as the current date.

•You should now backup the registry. To do so, follow these steps.

•Once you receive the success message, click OK, and place the file in a safe place for future use.

•Now put in your Windows XP disk and reboot.

•It will run like a normal setup and when it gets done it will ask you if you want to install or repair.

•Click repair then choose repair with recover manually (have the ERD in the floppy drive now).

•It will come up with a DOS screen and you will see a C:\Windows, option should be to enter 1.

•It will ask you for root password and then type "fixmbr" to repair your mbr.

•Type help for more commands if you need to fix something else.

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