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One installation option, Premium Install, is where an Insight technician pays a visit, runs cable as necessary, and sets up your computer with a cable modem (if you're renting or buying one from Insight), a network adapter (NIC) and the InsightBB software. Naturally, this is the most expensive option, since the tech is doing most of the work.

Another option, Assisted Install, is where you setup your computer on your own. The tech will stop by with a cable modem (again, if you're renting or buying one from Insight), a NIC, and the InsightBB software; it's up to you to install these on your computer. Also, the tech will do any wiring that might be needed, and will troubleshoot as necessary to get your connection going. This option is less expensive than a Premium Install; however, you may end up being charged for a Premium Install if something's wrong with your computer setup (that is, the stuff you did), and not with (e.g.) the cable wiring.

The third option, Self-Install, is possibly available to you if you already are an Insight cable TV customer. If you opt for Self-Install, you do all the work on your end; it's for people who know, for example, why it's important to use RG-6 or better for the run to the modem. lsvl See Profile says that he was able to perform a complete self-install by buying an InsightBB-compatible cable modem, hooking it up, then calling his local Insight office. He apparently paid nothing for the install, since a tech didn't have to come out. See »Insight BB Forum FAQ »Which cable modems does InsightBB support? for a list of InsightBB-compatible modems.

To get prices for InsightBB installation and service, see: »Insight BB Forum FAQ »How much does InsightBB cost?

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