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Thanks to drgnwiz8 See Profile for the original version of this info, which has unfortunately been superseded.

Some background: Insight keeps track of subscribers' cable modem info in two systems - ICOMPS (sic?), and SAS. ICOMPS is one of Insight's tools for administration of the InsightBB "last mile," such as CMTS (local office) equipment. However, SAS is actually controlled by AT&T, which administers the InsightBB backbone, as well as other up-the-chain services. ICOMPS and SAS don't update each other, probably due to the fact that separate companies run them.

Insight does permit subscribers to update their SAS info online, without having to call tech support. However, subscribers don't have similar access to ICOMPS. So, to switch cable modems, it's best just to contact InsightBB tech support ( /faq/5241 ), tell them you're switching your cable modem, and follow the instructions that they give you. You'll need to call them anyway to get ICOMPS updated, so you might as well have them help you out. Make sure to have the MAC address of the new modem handy as you will have to give it to tech support when you call in.

For the record, the instructions that they'll give you are here: »help.insightbb.com/account/devic···nge.aspx

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