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How to delegate reverse authority for your block to you or allow you to provide them with your own reverse...

Your first option is to visit the webpage with the form that asks all of the questions. There are several problems with that page.

1. The list of in-network AT&T addresses that can connect to it hasn't been updated since 2005. Any IP blocks new to AT&T in that time will not be able to connect.

2. The page itself has not been updated since 2003, and still makes references to Pacific Bell Internet Services and SBC, and MUST be linked to from WITHIN the AT&T network. Even then, for some people, it STILL might not work.

That much said, you can try to use that page if you wish at »dialup.pacbell.net/dn_worksheet.html

Or, you can just send an e-mail to prov-dns@att.com with the following information.

You need to supply the following information to have the changes made:

1. DSL Telephone number
2. Domain Name (ie yourdomain.com) and the type of account you have (Pro-S, Elite-S, etc)
3. Email Address (preferably the master DSL account name and it's best to send from that address)
4. Customer Contact Name
5. Company Name (If applicable)
6. IP Block + CIDR (ie

What you want done, ARIN record change or delegation etc, PTR records, SPF or DKIM records, MX records, etc.

You must have a package with at least 1 static IP.

If you have any questions, you can also contact the DNS Provisioning Department at 800-833-2120 and select option 1.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • New page! http://attis-dns.sbcglobal.net/ Tried it, and they responded for me in about one business day from when I submitted. (October 2010)

    2010-10-14 01:20:17 (Krellan See Profile)

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