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There are a variety of games for mIRC, some of which are multiuser and some of which are neat addons for moments when you're bored.


Trivia Bots

Trivia bots allow you to set up a script in a channel, provide it with a list of questios and let your friends play trivia. It's a good time waster while waiting for downloads.

»www.mircscripts.com/cgibin/downl ··· ip&v=6.0

Trivia channels are everywhere as well. Here's one example: »www.phishy.net/trivia/trivia.htm or


Arcade Games!

Single and multi user, graphic arcade games are some of the neatest things for mIRC. For a few examples check out

Tanks! : »pages.cthome.net/pdufilie/tanks. ··· nks.html (up to 8 players can participate)

»www.mirc-scripts.org/games.php [4 games]
Single Player Arcade Classic Game of Missile Command!
A Multi-Player IRC BlackJack Game, with built in Chat Room
A Multi-Player IRC Checkers Game
A Multi-Player IRC Chess Game, Excellent Script!

There are many more games such as Moonlander, Asteroids, Goldrunner, Spacefighter, Tetris, Breakout, Naval Battle and others listed in the addon section of mircscripts.org - »www.mircscripts.org/files.php?ty ··· pe=addon !

If you find a fun game for mIRC, please let us know about it in the Peer 2 peer forum!

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