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mIRCStats is an easy-to-use IRC log analyzer for channel log files produced with the most commonly used IRC-client, mIRC.

It creates a nice looking HTML-page consisting of channel activity statistics, user reports, tables about changed channel topics and all kinds of miscellaneous graphed information extracted from the log files.

In other words, it turns text into statistically analyzed graphs of channel trivia, along with some tongue in cheek humor. Support programs are available to log eggdrop bots and more.

Homepage : »www.nic.fi/~mauvinen/mircstats/
Example 1 : »hogville.com/battlefaeries/battl ··· ies.html
Example 2 : »www.projectjen.net/stats/nwn_pag ··· hly.html

Best of all, you don't even have to know a line of HTML. Here's a shot of the user interface : »www.nic.fi/~mauvinen/mircstats/s ··· shot.gif

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