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Download DOCSDIAG Here:

unzip the file and place the .jar file in your home folder (the /users/(the name you are logged in as)/ folder).

Next, you need your cable modem's HFC IP Address (it starts with 10.x.x.x). This can be obtained from your Cable modem's Diagnostics Page:
3Com Sharkfin
Older Firmware: »
Newer Firmware: »

Motorola SB3100 and SB4100: »

if not, visit your provider's forum and post a request for it.

Then, you need your Cable Modem's HFC MAC Address (see the back of the cable modem).

Launch the Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities/). Type in the following:

if the above does not work, please connect your mac directly to the cable modem (reset the modem if needed), launch system prefrences, open the networlking pane, set the method of getting an ip address to manual:

Ip Address:
Router, DNS, Search Domains: all blank

then try the above again, and if that fails, type this into the terminal:

java -jar docsdiag.jar

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