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This feature allows you to follow a topic so that you can see updates to it even if it has not been posted to. You do this by clicking on the "Follow" link:

Click for full size

Every topic you post in will, by default, be followed. This enables you to easily follow your posted-in threads via your "posts" area.

In forum view, topics you are following appear with a small gold star in the left margin:

To Un-follow a thread, you simply click on the "Stop following" link at the bottom of the thread.

or from here, by clicking on "Posts" under the site toolbar:

You may view your followed posts as well as other aspects of your activities on the site at any time by going to the "Posts" area.

Note: When you go to the "My Posts" page, the default view will be the one you last selected for that page. To change it, simply select another view, such as "Updated Followed," and that will be the view you see when you next open that page.

How about Ignoring Topic Updates?
You may stop following a topic here also by clicking on the word "stop" to the left of any topic or the "stop" link in the "UPDATED FOLLOWED TOPICS" page.

Mark All Read:
In any forum view, whether on the actual forum page or in favorite forums, if you click on the topmost red envelope, it will mark the entire forum as read. All envelope icons will turn white.

All Forums Page:

In forum view or the Favorite Forums Page, the envelope icons will show for the forums that you have selected as favorites only. All others will show as

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • By the way--as a followup to my feedback from an hour or so ago, the icon for being 'site-marked' is a briefcase... I don't get it. (So maybe my assumption about what a "sitemark" is was erroneous--can't see what a briefcase has to do with it.)

    2012-12-08 13:25:23 (NoHereNoMo See Profile)

  • This FAQ, which is linked to/promoted as having some explanation for "site marking", in fact, says nothing about site marking. Even something simple, like ' "sitemark" is short for "site bookmark" ' could be useful (assuming that's true, of course--I'm only guessing).

    2012-12-08 12:24:23 (NoHereNoMo See Profile)

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