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ASI is SBC's Data CLEC, Advanced Solutions, Inc. They operate similar to Covad, for example. ASI is the result of FCC and local PUC regulatory requirements that services such as DSL *not* be provided by the telco arm of SBC, as part of the smoke-and-mirrors "competition" that regulators hold up as an example of what FCCs and PUCs do for us.

CSI is Customer Self Install, which is the help desk that works with new installations to get them up and running. When you call CSI you may be talking to any one of SBC, ASI or Convergys (the call-center contractor who handles tier-1 tech support), and they may be just about anywhere except the Ameritech region--thanks to bean counters and their idea of efficient operation, none of the tech support is based where Ameritech DSL is available.

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