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First, of course install TSC. Open TSC and right click on the icon in your task bar (near the clock). Select properties. Set your candidate queue to whatever you want. I max mine out. If you have a dialup computer, unselect the online tab. Click ok, and then right click again and select exit.

Now, go to your directory where the d2ol.exe file is. Mine is in C:\program files\CommunityTSC\TSC

In this directory, there is a file called readme.txt.. it might be a good idea to read this. It's kind of hard to understand.

Now edit (with notepad or something like it), the file called launch.xen in the directory mentioned above. Go to to the line that says this:


and change it to this:


Now save it and close.

Now, you want to change your shortcut. The way I'll describe this works for me... I'm on XP. Click on start, then programs, then find the TSC client. RIGHT click on it and select properties. You want to change the target. Mine says

"C:\program files\CommunityTSC\TSC\D2OL.exe"

I change that to

"C:\program files\CommunityTSC\TSC\D2OL.exe" controller:cli

Then click ok!

Now open the program from that shortcut and you're in business.

In the console window that opens, type ? and you'll see the commands you can use.

If you're on dialup, type set Online=true when you're ready to upload your candidates and then so that your computers don't dial out and then set Online=false when you're done uploading. Notice the caps in Online and no spaces around the =. Of course if you're always connected, this is unnecessary. On my machine, I don't see what I'm typing in this console window. This is fine. Type list and you can see what your settings currently are. Use set to change those settings.

Also, download Dspy so you can see what's going on more easily.

Now, this dos/cmd window will always be open, so there is also a file mode which runs in the background and you've got no annoying console window showing open all the time.

Here are some quick instructions:

Install TSC, change your queue size and online selection. Leave that launch.xen the way it originally was. Now, go to that shortcut and instead of

"C:\program files\CommunityTSC\TSC\D2OL.exe" controller:cli


"C:\program files\CommunityTSC\TSC\D2OL.exe" controller:file

in the target of the filename.

If you want to close the agent, you open a file called control.prp in the directory that d2ol.exe is located. Change the line, Shutdown=false to Shutdown=true, save the file and TSC will shutdown. Magic.

There is another utility that works with this filemode and also will clean up bad candidates. It's called TSC Check

Finally, there is a light version of the java window. To use this, just change your shortcut to use conroller:java

Good luck!

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