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The most important way to conserve resources on your machine is to not open the graphical window of the program. This may be set to open by default when TSC starts. You'll want to right click on the TSC icon, select properties. In a few seconds, the properties page will open up. Make sure "Launch main window on startup" is NOT checked...

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In addition, if you open the GUI (the graphical part of the program), you should always close it by hitting the 'X' so all memory that the GUI was using is released. Minimizing will not do this.

Keeping the client GUI window open, can result in the usage of large amounts of RAM, upwards of 60mb. To maximize the performance you should set all the graphics to low using the slider

... and turn off all the movement by moving the little joystick to the middle.

Credit to slash for this info and graphic.

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