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Setting your virtual memory to 1.5 - 2x your amount of actual RAM is a good idea. Set the minimum and maximum to the same size.

From what I've seen the biggest gain from setting your own settings is that your swapfile does not get fragmented so badly. When you have a dynamic swapfile and Windows decides to make it bigger, it just grabs free disk space wherever it can find it, and this can slow down performance greatly if pieces of a swapped-out program end up far apart on the hard drive.

So my recommendations would be:
1. Set to min/max both be twice your amount of RAM
2. Don't let Windows manage it for you, and
3. Defragment your hard drive!

You should only have to defrag once after you set the manual settings and reboot. This will put the swap file all in one place contiguously, and it won't move around after that.

In Windows 98 and later, defragging also helps make all applications load faster by putting them in the order they actually get loaded so there isn't so much seeking around going on every time you run something.

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