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Although you may still have an old dialup ISP account with active email address, you may have problems using it from your new DSL line.
Some ISPs do not let people send email (a process not normally password authenticated), from outside their network. Others require that you fetch first then you may send.
The solution is to forward your old email account to your new DSL ISP email address, and only send email as your new account. When everyone has updated their address books for you, you may deactivate the old email account entirely.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I can't find my Verizon E-mail Password? Can you help show it on the screen so I can write it down so this doesn't happen again?

    2010-07-04 13:14:18

  • That is true some ISP's block outbound smtp traffic on port 25 however if the old isp provides a second listing port on there server you should be able to send via that port with no issues in which this change can be done very easy in most 3rd party email software such as outlook.

    2009-05-08 22:20:36 (pctech5 See Profile)

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